Decay, injury, and impacts are common causes of tooth damage. Lucky, there are a variety of options for dental restoration to fit your situation.


Fillings are a great treatment for cavities. When you have a cavity, it means that plaque and tartar buildup has led to decay-causing a small hole in your enamel. A filling restores the tooth's structural strength and prevents further decay. You can get fillings made from either a metal or composite material.


If your tooth is damaged, decayed, or misshapen, you may need a dental crown ("cap"). The crown is placed on the top of your tooth. It looks completely natural and will leave your tooth good as new.

Inlays & Onlays

Sometimes your tooth damage is somewhere in between needing a crown and a filling. In this case, a laboratory-made inlay or onlay could be the solution. Both of these options restore full tooth function. An inlay attaches to the outside of the tooth while an onlay is attached to the biting surface and can withstand greater pressure.


A missing tooth can greatly tarnish the look of your smile. With a bridge, you can make your smile whole and functional again. An artificial tooth is placed in the gap and anchored to the teeth on either side.