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Simcoe Sleep Dentistry

One of our goals at Greenfield Dental Health Group is to create a compassionate, warm, and enjoyable experience for every patient. And that includes helping our patients relax when they’re feeling anxious about a dental procedure. That’s why we offer sedation options to our patients to help make their appointments as pleasant as possible.

Oral or IV sedation

If you’re feeling anxious about your implant or periodontal appointment, it’s great to know that our team is qualified and skilled in administering both oral and IV sedation options. An oral sedative will help alleviate mild to moderate anxiety. For patients who want a higher level of relaxation, we provide IV sedation, which produces a deeply relaxed state, almost like being asleep. You will have no memory of your treatment. With either sedation option, be sure you arrange to have someone help you get to the clinic and back home after your procedure, as you’ll be unable to safely drive home.

If you're curious about sleep dentistry at Greenfield Dental Health Group, give us a call!

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