Our Technology

You deserve the best care possible, and that means receiving care with the latest dental technology. Here's a list of some of the modern technology we use at our office.

Air Purification

We have medical-grade air purification systems to clean the air in the office. These filtration systems reduce airborne pathogens including viruses and bacteria.

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Now more than ever, people are concerned about the air quality inside buildings. Our surgically clean air system removes harmful particles from the air and improves the quality of the air we breathe in our office.


The surgically clean air system is more than just a filter. It’s a surgical-grade air quality system that uses a six-stage process to clean and sanitize the air. The system is designed to clean and purify the air in every area in our office.


Airborne pathogens such as mould and germs can cause illness and infections. This is a particular risk in dentistry, where our patients spend a lot of time with their mouths open. Our surgically clean air system helps remove these pathogens and prevent them from spreading in our office.

If you’d like to learn more about our surgically clean air system, ask us the next time you’re in our office.

Intraoral Cameras

With these tiny high-definition cameras, we can get a clear look at the inside of your mouth. This aids our dentists in diagnosing your condition.

Digital X Rays

These types of X-rays allow us to look at the X-ray images on a computer for easier early detection of decay and injury. Digital X-rays also use significantly less radiation than their film counterparts.

Panoramic X Rays

We can get a complete panoramic image of your teeth and jaw for a comprehensive view of your condition using panoramic X-rays.

Diode X Rays

Our dentists are specially trained in using the diode laser, which makes detailed surgery easier to perform. The diode laser is also much more gentle than electrosurgery or the scalpel.

Voice Activated Perio Charting

The voice activated perio charting system assists dentists and hygienists with monitoring and diagnosing gum disease.

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